1. A meeting to discuss the final touches to the arrangements for the BJP national executive meeting to be held today. The meeting will discuss the stay of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chief Ministers of 18 BJP-ruled states at different locations and plan a huge procession with around 50,000 participants to welcome BJP Chairman JP Nadda upon his arrival at the airport July 1.

  2. Technical issues on the National Testing Agency server which delayed the JEE (sector) exam in different centers in Telangana. The exam at a center in Hyderabad was also postponed, leading to protests by the candidates’ parents and the ransacking of the premises.
  3. Women in a court-appointed shelter for victims of sexual exploitation and trafficking rioted against authorities who wanted them released because the cases against them had not been settled for months. About 85 women from Bangladesh, Nepal and other states are housed in this shelter by court order. They ran out of the premises yesterday and threw stones at people trying to grab them.

  4. Special weekend on Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao’s expected decision on the more than 62 lakh tons of rice that has accumulated in the rice mills after the Center refused to lift the stockpile of produce in the rabi.